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onlyeversurviving asked: We lesbian's are amazing!!!!! :D I've only recently come out of the closet (that should be for clothes btw not people >.< yeah!) but I'm going to scream as loudly as I possibly can that, that anon is a dickhead and has no idea what they're on about O.o what??? But to add, an island for gay people would just be fabulous :D I'd so go there! Yes please :'}


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never-ship-because-feels asked: Your blog is fabulous ;-D


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Anonymous asked: Your blog gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww :D 

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unicornsfuneral asked: that anons opinion is shit. lesbians are awesome.


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the-unknowing-one asked: To the anon who is hating on us fabulous people. I'm a lesbian who practices Christianity. Plus lesbians on an island? So much easirer than guessing if another is gay or not. We all get the ride pairs for by said anon? Yes? Okay (:


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caressofhappiness asked: That anon was obviously not familiar with the bible. 'Love thy neighbor'? The one testament that's repeated over and over? Ha. They're just some bloke that wasn't raised correctly and more than likely doing it for attention. Don't worry about it (;


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paparadiseandbeyond asked: If that anon was as brave as the lgbt community is, IT wouldn't have posted this anon! Keep up the good work 😁👍


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Anonymous asked: To be honest, (in reply to that revolting anon), a giant lesbian orgy would pretty dayumn awesome. Also if we all lived on an island, it wouldn't be so hard to find other cute girls to date. It would be pretty rad. That anon has some great hyporcritical ideas! :D

Hahahahaha! :D 

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50shadesofhentalia asked: Don't listen to that anon. They are just another anonymous homophobe that came here to try and make you change your beliefs. But what they don't know is that that's never gonna happen. The LGBTQ society, and there allies, will fight for each other and we will completely ignore the ones that try and change us. We won't let them get to us!

Thank you :) 

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Anonymous asked: This shit is disgusting take all ur gay and homos and lesbos to an island and go fuck yourselves there but don't bother the normal people go seek some religious help because u have a mental problem. You pigs are the reason society is like this, if u would just act like normal human beings and not nasty animals maybe society would be normal.


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